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Teenage twins from Newcastle among top 10 finalists in song writing competition

Teenage twins from Newcastle among top 10 finalists in song writing competition

Twins Hannah and Grace Stobart have discovered a unique way of navigating the ups and downs of being teenagers.

The 16-year-olds draw on their experiences to pen heartfelt songs. And now the two sisters have just been shortlisted in the top 10 finalists of the Song Academy song writing competition (13-18 years category).

With over 850 entries to the competition overall, the girls are understandably thrilled to have gotten through to this stage. Their song, Sweet 16, is about the challenges faced by teens and the complex struggles of growing up, whether that be the coming and going of friendships, or peer pressures, self-doubt, and loneliness.

Grace has been song writing since she could write but the Covid lockdown gave the sisters the time to sit down together to start recording some of the tracks. Hannah taught herself music production and tends to focus on harmonies and instrumentation, while Grace is usually the main vocalist.

Hannah said: “Our song, Sweet 16, is about the difficult teenage years so it’s inspired in part by things we’ve experienced, but just as much by situations faced by others. It’s a really challenging time growing up and it’s not uncommon for people our age to find themselves struggling at school and feeling somehow on the outside looking in.”

Grace added: “Sweet 16 talks about that pain and confusion, loneliness and self-doubt suffered by our age group. It’s a painful time for quite a lot of teens.

"There is often the sense that everyone else has it better and they seem to have it all; perfect friendships, relationships, and a better social life, whilst it feels like your own life is a constant uphill battle on all fronts. Hopes are pinned on things improving as you approach your milestone birthday, 16, but things don’t really change”.

Getting through to this stage affords the finalists the opportunity to perform their song live at The Tabernacle in Notting Hill, London at the end of June. Their song can also go onto the Young Songwriter 2022 album and the Song Academy channel at Amazing Radio; bringing all 'brilliant' opportunities for new artists and songwriters.

The girls say they can’t believe that they got into the top 10 in the competition and that their song has been heard by such an 'amazing' panel of judges, including the likes of Grace Davies and Dan Gillespie Sells.

The girls are keen musicians and have had music lessons for many years including singing, piano and strings. Grace has always written songs since she was very young and was told about the competition a few years ago by a teacher in the Junior School who was aware of her song writing.

The girls have have entered the competition in the past but without success and this year they are delighted to have got so far.

You can follow the girls @twayntwins or listen to their track by searching sweet 16 Twayn on SoundCloud.

Photo: Haydn Brown photography and ISG Platform North East.
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