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May, 31

Rap group uses Medway KFC to shoot music video

A popular fast food chain in Medway became the backdrop for an impromptu music video this past weekend. Understood to have taken place in Strood KFC, a group of young men have been recorded shooting a rap music video in the ‘finger lickin’ good’ restaurant.

A video of the events shows the group, largely wearing hooded clothing and face masks, jumping, yelling and rapping to a beat-heavy track late into the evening. The video, originally posted on Saturday (May 28) evening, even shows some of the group standing atop the front counter and surrounding furniture.

Both customers and staff are seen watching on as the lively scenes unfold. The group seen recording in the KFC have yet to be identified. One commenter stated: “Medway is a great place”.

Another added: “What next? Country music in McDonald’s? Or a shanty in the Cod Father? It’s an X from me. Next!”

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