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April, 9

Michael Bublé always had 'complete and utter belief' he would succeed in music

Michael Bublé always had "complete and utter belief" that he would become a successful singer.

The Canadian crooner spent years performing in shopping malls, on cruise ships and in dive bars and nightclubs before he got signed to a record deal and had his big break. Despite struggling through those years, Michael knew without a doubt that he was destined to succeed one day.

"I was so very sure. I felt like, if I just set a plan, and took it day by day and stayed true to myself, and hopefully built up a team around me that loved me and believed in me, that I would somehow get to this point," he explained to Variety. "And in hindsight, I realise how unbelievably lucky I have been. I don't care how much talent you have, there are so many dominoes that have to fall in a perfect way for you to have that sort of dream come true. But I definitely had complete and utter belief that this would be the story. Maybe it was because I could not accept it not happening."

The 47-year-old recalled how he "went through each and every" record company trying to get signed but they all rejected him for the same reason, claiming that they wouldn't know what to do with him. Even his longtime manager, Bruce Allen, turned him down for five or six years in the early days.

The Haven't Met You Yet star remained undefeated by the rejection and he relished the challenge of trying to change people's minds.

"I genuinely enjoyed each challenge," he stated. "And every step for me was another opportunity to change that person's mind or to maybe make that person see what the other hadn't. I figured, if I can just build and build and build, at some point, somebody will sit back and say: 'We gotta get this kid because he's the real deal.'"

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