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May, 28

Coldplay's Chris Martin offers fan 'struggling to walk' lift to concert

Chris Martin kindly offered a fan with mobility issues a lift to a show over the weekend.

Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, on Monday, Saundra Glenn posted a selfie showing her and the Coldplay frontman smiling while sitting in a car.

In the accompanying caption, Saundra shared that Chris went out of his way to come to her aid prior to his gig at Radio 1's Big Weekend show staged at Stockwood Park in Luton, England on Sunday.

"That moment when Chris Martin @Coldplay saw me struggling to walk, had his car stop and gave me a lift. Blooming amazing," she wrote in the caption. "Can't believe this happened. What a decent bloke. We had a nice chat too."

And after Saundra's sweet story began to circulate on social media, she praised Chris further in an interview with the BBC.

The Luton local, who has osteoarthritis and "a dodgy right hip", recalled how she had paused to rest on the way to the event when a Mercedes car pulled up next to her.

The Yellow singer and one of his team members not only ensured Saundra made it to the concert but that she travelled in style the whole way.

"When we got to the artist area, he didn't leave me there, he said, 'Get the golf buggy and make sure Saundra reaches her destination,'" she remembered. "It's the fact he's conscious of disability, he's such a kind person...

"He gave me an act of kindness that I'll forever be grateful for, and he's given Luton its cool back, thank you."

Chris, 47, has not yet commented on the story.

Photo: Cover Media
Source: Cover Media
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