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May, 29

The Kid Laroi cancels three US shows due to ill health

The Kid Laroi has cancelled three US shows due to ill health.

The Australian rapper took to Instagram to share screenshots of his team's discussion about whether he could perform shows in LA, Phoenix and Denver.

"It absolutely kills me to say this but unfortunately this morning I woke up feeling like complete s**t and tested positive for COVID along with a bunch of crew members," The Kid Laroi, whose real name is Charlton Kenneth Jeffrey Howard, wrote.

"I've tried everything in my power to make this show happen tonight and asked if there was a way we could do the show safely and I would push through."

Screenshots of a text message conversation showed one of The Kid Laroi's crew members in conversation with a doctor about the 20-year-old's condition and asking whether he could be given medication to help him perform.

"Do you think he should do the show? Can you get the people to juice him up to do the show?" the team member wrote.

"Nope," the doctor replied. He is sick as a dog. It will not go well and it will look BAD. And his voice is trashed. You will get a short term, but potentially bad for the next two weeks."

The Kid's post continued: "I was strongly advised by my doctor to not do so for not only the safety of you guys but also because of the long term damage it could cause to my voice."

Photo: Music-News
Source: Cover Media
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