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September, 22

I failed dismally at ballet - Macca

I failed dismally at ballet - Macca

Sir Paul McCartney has revealed he was inspired to try out his own ballet moves as he researched his new dance project - but proved a dismal failure.

The musician - who premieres his first-ever ballet score in New York tonight - said he knew little about the classical dance world before taking on the project.

But as he put in the groundwork to work on his new production, Ocean's Kingdom, he gained new respect for the dancers when he tried it himself.

He said: "I'd seen the great traditional ballets like Swan Lake and The Nutcracker, but I had a very limited knowledge of ballet.

"But since this project I've obviously started to take notice - I went to see Giselle recently in London and was bowled over by the sheer athleticism of the dancers.

"The next day I tried to do one of the steps and failed dismally, which gave me a new admiration for the dancers."

The former Beatles star has worked on a number of classical works in the past, including his Liverpool Oratorio, but tonight's performance marks the first time he has written an original orchestral score for dance.

He admitted he would be a "bit nervous" as the curtain went up at the Lincoln Centre for the New York City Ballet's debut of the work.

Speaking from rehearsals, he said: "We've all put a lot of work into it. I'll be a bit nervous but I think that's a good thing.

"I'll also be quietly confident and nervous."

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