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December, 2

Jersey Shore star joins 50 Cent

Reality TV star Pauly D has officially signed up as a member of 50 Cent's music group.

The Jersey Shore star agreed a deal to join the rapper's G-Note label on Thursday. The label focuses on dance and pop music, which is thought to be a good fit for Pauly D since he is known as a DJ as well as a reality star.

He has been working in music since he was 16 and used his success on the MTV hit series to become an in-demand DJ. Pauly D even joined Britney Spears for a few dates on her recent Femme Fatal tour as an opening act.

A few months ago, Pauly D confirmed that he and the rapper were working together.

50 Cent said Pauly D was a "great addition to G-Note and G-Unit family" and called him "smart and creative".

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