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January, 30

Lily Allen: I felt a creative void

Lily Allen says she had to return to the music world to fill a "void" after she became a stay-at-home mum.

The star, 28, felt ready to get back into the industry after three years away from the limelight, spent bringing up her two children.

Lily told Elle magazine that when she retired from music, she wanted to "never come back".

"I wanted to concentrate on making a family. I've done that. I love that. I thought I'd be better suited to that," Mail Online said she told the magazine.

"I love my kids and I wouldn't trade them in for anything - no mother would - but I'm not the sort of person who can sit at home and look after them all day.

"There was a void. I'm a creative person, I like to speak my mind. Making music is the perfect vehicle for that."

Hard Out Here singer Lily said that women were still expected to "sit there and look pretty, and not talk".

And she said that she wished she didn't feel that she would rather "look like Kate Moss than look like myself".

"So often, when women say things that are outspoken, or as I call it just saying things, people jump on that and try to make us look stupid for having an opinion," she said.

"That doesn't happen with men. Come on, we've done feminism. People are aware of it. Can it just happen now?"


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