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February, 19

Devo guitarist Bob Casale dies

Devo guitarist Bob Casale dies

Bob Casale, the guitarist for Devo, best known for the 1980 hit Whip It, has died of heart failure, his brother and band member Gerald Casale said. He was 61.

Devo founding member Gerald said in a statement that his younger brother's death on Monday was "sudden" and "a total shock". No further details on Bob death were provided.

Ohio-based Devo released their Brian Eno-produced debut, Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!, in 1978.

The new wave band reached platinum status with 1980's Freedom Of Choice album, which featured Whip It.

Gerald called his brother "a solid performer and talented audio engineer" in his statement.

Last year, Devo lost drummer Alan Myers, after a battle with brain cancer.

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