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October, 8

Professor Green slaps concert-goer?

Professor Green slaps concert-goer?

Professor Green has been caught on video apparently slapping a student who hurled abuse at him as he performed at a university.

The Read All About It rapper was on stage at a ball at Durham University when the incident occurred.

He was mid-way through a song but suddenly halted when a reveller allegedly started a foul-mouthed tirade.

Video footage appears to show Prof Green walking over and reaching over to slap the student, and he reportedly said: "This is what happens when you call me a c***."

Pro Green, 30, then carried on with his set at the Student Union Welcome Ball.

The Daily Mirror quoted a representative for the star as saying: "During Professor Green's live show at Durham University on Friday night, a student verbally abused Green repeatedly and then went to strike him. Green reacted.

"The student was subsequently escorted out from the venue for being too drunk. Green carried on the show to perform his full set."

The rapper - real name Stephen Manderson - didn't seem to have taken the incident to heart when he tweeted after the gig: "Durham you were a beautiful crowd and F***ING LIVELY!"

And the star has since appeared to comment on reports of the incident, tweeting: "Since when is someone who hurls repeated abuse and tries to slap me a fan? As you were..."

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