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December, 30

Rudimental blessed to follow their dreams

Rudimental blessed to follow their dreams

Rudimental believe it is a "blessing" they are not working in a supermarket.

The English drum and bass group, which is comprised of Piers Agget, Amir Amor, Kesi Dryden and DJ Locksmith, have admitted they feel grateful they have pursued their dream career path and are making successful albums instead of working in a school or retail store.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, they said: "It's a blessing to be doing what we're doing, making an album rather than working in a supermarket or schools as we used to do.

"You've got to work really hard, we worked really hard for 10 years before we actually made it, believe in what you're doing."

And the group have admitted they "love" playing live music, which has been the best factor in their career.

They added: "We love playing live though that's one thing which has really pushed our career."

And the 'Waiting All Night' hitmakers - who released their debut single 'Deep In The Valley' in 2011 - have admitted they have been "ticking off" a lot of collaborations with their icons they have always dreamed of working with, including George Clinton, Bobby Womack and Nile Rogers.

Speaking about the music legends they want to join forces with in the future, they said: "A lot of them are dead.

"We managed to work on our last album with someone I really idolised as a young person. George Clinton from Parliament and Funkadelic and we actually got him on a couple of tracks. It was also amazing to work with Nile Rogers that was a lot of fun. Bobby Womack. We're ticking them off."

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