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February, 12

Mariah Carey’s toyboy ‘asks for reality show pay rise’

Mariah Carey’s dancer beau Bryan Tanaka has reportedly demanded more cash from the bosses of the singer’s reality TV show.

As well as being promoted to co-creative director since their romance exploded on the show, Bryan, who went public with his romance with Mariah in an over the top display on a beach in Maui last November (16), is now reportedly lobbying for more money to appear on the show.

“When Stella, Mariah’s manager, asked Bryan to be part of the show and fawn over Mariah, Bryan was happy to do so in exchange for free publicity and the career boost,” an insider told Heat magazine. “But now that he’s had a taste of fame and seen how keen Mariah’s team are to maintain the right image, he’s playing hardball.”

Bryan has reportedly asked for a raise of between “$15,000 and $25,000 (£12,000 and £20,000) per episode”, and the source adds he has also asked for “bonuses for media appearances and interviews”.

The 33-year-old has fast become a fixture in the 46-year-old diva’s life both on and off the TV screen, attending her children’s birthday parties and dutifully standing by her side at red carpet events.

However, his growing profile, and reported financial demands, are said to have caused some tension between the pair.

“Mariah wants to show her fans she’s happy with a hot dancer falling at her feet, but Bryan’s asking for a lot of money," shared the insider.

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