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December, 29

'I may be 80 but I feel 25!' - Paul McCartney says family gives his life meaning

And the former Beatle feels so fine that he has no plans to stop recording, playing live or writing new tunes - which he does with the help of a tipple or two. The When I'm 64 songwriter said of his advancing age: "Hey, I can't believe I'm a grandparent!" He added: "I mean, I'm 25 years old actually, I just look older, and I think my birth certificate was falsified." Asked what gives his 79 years of life meaning, Macca replied: "Family. I have eight grandchildren, a fantastic wife, lovely kids, and I think that is definitely the focus."

He said that he makes music "when [he is] in the mood or have got a bit of time". He added: "I don't go and try to write a song every day. Sometimes you get a little idea or it is a little late at night and you have had a little drink and you make the terrible demos [sounding like] this old drunken uncle."

Promoting his Lyrics book, he told Sirius XM that he does not record at home: "You have to go to the office. I am old school."

But the icon said: "I have always got [an instrument] there in case I want to write something. I am happy to have them. I pretty much have an instrument with me everywhere I go." Asked if he has more insecurities now he is older, the FORMERWINGs frontman added: "I think the answer really is, 'No.'

"I think I've kind of worked most of them out, and I don't think there are any. But you're just still this little person inside this body with all these thoughts that nobody else knows about."

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