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August, 31

Soulja Boy angry with Kanye West after being cut from Donda

Soulja Boy is not impressed with Kanye West after the rapper cut his verse from his album Donda.

The 31-year-old rapper spoke to TMZ about being cut from the track Remote Control, and he called the 44-year-old a "coward" for not calling him personally about the omission and blaming his record label Universal for releasing the album over the weekend without his permission.

"You know for a fact that Kanye's not going to let nobody release his album without his permission... you know, just say you f**ked up and left (me) off the album," Soulja said to the publication.

Over the weekend, the rapper, who also goes by Draco, tweeted screenshots of his conversation with West about the collaboration and wrote, "Tell homie don't hit my phone no more."

When asked if he would ever collaborate with the Flashing Lights hitmaker again, he clarified that he wasn't against it, but was disappointed on behalf of his fans.

"I mean I ain't tripping like that, you know, I'm saying it was just more of thing to where explaining it to my fans so they not in the dark about the whole situation," he explained to TMZ. "As far as it comes to music man I'm always open to create like it ain't like, 'Oh I ain't gonna never work with Kanye again', you know what I'm saying?"

After the album's release on Sunday, West was quick to accuse his label of releasing it without his permission and omitting a controversial song from the tracklist, where he collaborated with rapper DaBaby and rocker Marilyn Manson. He wrote on Instagram, "UNIVERSAL PUT MY ALBUM OUT WITHOUT MY APPROVAL AND THEY BLOCKED JAIL 2 FROM BEING ON THE ALBUM." The track is now back on the album.

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