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June, 30

Ringo Starr invites fans to spread 'peace and love' on his birthday

Ringo Starr has invited fans to take part in his annual 'Peace & Love' birthday salute.

The former Beatles star started the tradition when he turned 68 back in July 2008 after a journalist asked him what he'd like for his birthday.

Since that date, Starr has encouraged fans all over the world to take a moment at noon wherever they are in the world on 7 July, when he will celebrate turning 81, to say "peace and love".

On Monday, Starr again urged everyone to join him in getting the message out there in a video message posted online.

"I'm inviting everyone who wants to join the peace and love celebration for my birthday at noon your time wherever you are, 7-7-21," he said. "You can post it, you can say it, you can even think it, but it would be really cool if you go 'Peace and Love' at noon on my birthday. So, let's spread peace and love on my birthday. C'mon everybody!"

In recent years, Starr has joined fans for his Peace and Love celebration, but the pandemic prevented an in-person event in 2020, and he hosted Ringo's Big Birthday Show online instead.

It featured performances by Paul McCartney, Joe Walsh, Ben Harper, Dave Grohl, and Sheryl Crow, among others.

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