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January, 31

Masked Singer's Viking's identity 'worked out' as Coldplay 'red herring' rumbled

The Masked Singer UK viewers were left divided over the identity of Viking on the ITV show, after a possible red herring clue.

The mystery celebrity performed Coldplay's The Scientist for their latest performance, leaving many believing it could be someone with a link to science.

Brian Cox has been regularly tipped to be the man under the mask after past clues, all hinting to the environment and other things believed to be linked to him.

Other names include Bear Grylls, as the mystery person was said to be someone who embraced the outdoors - while some guessed Ricky Wilson and James Blunt.

But the latest clue, specifically the song, could have been a hidden giveaway that the person under the mask is in fact Morten Harket.

The Norwegian singer has been predicted by many before as the celebrity due to the clues, and his recognisable vocals.

The biggest clue was possibly his last performance, with Viking singing his band A-ha's hit Take On Me in acoustic - something Morten has done previously.

Other hints were possible references to tour destinations, a Blue Peter Badge, names of a past album and there is also the fact he sounds exactly like Morten.

This week might have just added to the speculation if viewers are correct, as some may recall Morten's link to "science", or at least Coldplay.

Morten presented Coldplay wth a BRIT Award in 2012, with them being the band who sing the song Viking performed in the latest episode.

So could this be the latest clue that Morten is behind the mask, with him singing the song for this reason? Or is it all a coincidence?

Perhaps this "clue" in itself, and the rest, are all distractions from the real identity of Viking - which viewers won't know until he is unmasked.

There are six other characters also yet to be exposed, including Sausage, Badger and Robin.

The Masked Singer UK airs Saturdays at 7pm on ITV.

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