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January, 30

Masked Singer fans in complete U-turn as Dragon 'exposed' - and it's 'not Courtney Act'

The Masked Singer UK fans think they have finally confirmed the identity of Dragon on the ITV series.

The adorable character performed the Shoop Shoop Song by Cher, and was a hit with the judges and viewers once again.

There was also a new batch of clues including, "loving to gas", a possible panto link and I'm A Celebrity references - as well as cook book hints.

There was basically a lot of mention of food - causing some people to predict a Bake Off link, while some fans went on to hear a specific star in the vocals.

But it was the previous clues that had left many convinced Drag Race and Celebrity Big Brother star Courtney Act was under the costume.

From references to accidents with shoes, the clue being in the name and a giant winged costume - all fingers pointed to Courtney.

Davina McCall, Jonathan Ross, Rita Ora and Mo Gilligan were back at it with the guesses, as were viewers.

It wasn't long before fans believed they had worked out for definite who was the person performing as Dragon too - and this time it wasn't Courtney.

Taking to Twitter, viewers leaned towards a different guess, with former Bake Off host Sue Perkins now tipped to be Dragon.

One fan said: "I was convinced Dragon was Courtney Act but now I cant help thinking it sounds like Sue Perkins. I’m confused."

Another tweeted: "Dragon - I’m swaying towards Sue Perkins now, can hear the voice when singing!"

A third added: "Hmm maybe dragon is sue Perkins??"

Meanwhile another wrote: "Much like our government, I’ve done a complete U-turn. I no longer think Dragon is Courtney Act, I think it might be Sue Perkins. Really sounds like her when Dragon is singing!"

A fifth said: "Dragon is def not a singer . After that vocal I can hear it being Sue Perkins."

Viewers will have to wait until Dragon is unmasked to learn the true identity!

The Masked Singer UK airs Saturdays at 7pm on ITV.

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