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May, 12

Sam Ryder's UK Eurovision victory hopes boosted further as performance clip goes viral

Sam Ryder has seen his hopes of winning Eurovision for the UK boosted further after a video of his performance in the jury semi final has spread like wildfire on social media.

Last week , Sam was sitting in fourth place in the Eurovision odds with his song Space Man but, after his second rehearsal in Turin received a rave reaction from press over in Italy and fans and he was given a huge advantage by being drawn in the second half of the Eurovision final, he soared up to second. A few days ago he had dropped back to fourth as bookies put Italy and Sweden back ahead of him, however the betting has now changed again overnight.

And that's all down to Sam himself after the TikTok star blew away the audience who flocked to the Pala Olimpico arena in Turin to see the second jury semi final, ahead of Thursday's live Eurovision semi final 2 being broadcast to viewers across the world. There was great excitement last week when it was revealed that Sam had the 'biggest prop' of this year's contest, in the form of a huge structure which opens up to look like wings on either side of him.

That was put to great use as Sam performed at the end of the Eurovision jury semi on Wednesday evening, with those in attendance and fans who've now watched the widely shared video of the performance online, also being blown away by his vocals and the guitar solo he does as Space Man reaches a rip-roaring crescendo. The reaction to Sam's act and his amazing performance have now got plenty of fans and experts predicting he is going to push Ukraine's Kalush Orchestra all the way on Saturday night.

Taking to Twitter, one posted: "Ok I’ve just seen the UK performance with my own eyes… this will be Top 10 *at the absolute least*. I now wholeheartedly believe Sam Ryder can actually win this for the United Kingdom!" A second wrote: "He will win it. I am more convinced than ever."

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