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September, 12

Bebe Rexha considering skipping MTV VMAs due to anxiety

Bebe Rexha may not attend the MTV Video Music Awards on Tuesday because she is anxious about being criticised for her appearance on the red carpet.

The I'm Good (Blue) singer told her fans in a candid TikTok video on Monday night that she might drop out of the awards show because she is feeling "so anxious and stressed" about posing on the red carpet and having her weight criticised.

"I know that the criticism comes with the territory so I am all good with that. I mean, sometimes it does get to me. I am human," she shared. "But I wanted just to talk about this because I meet a lot of people and a lot of times they'll be like, 'Oh my god, I love how you're all about positivity and confident.' Let me tell you, right now, I'm not feeling so confident.

"I am so anxious and stressed about going on the red carpet and, I guess, people talking about my weight. 'Cause I'm not really loving myself right now. I'm not really feeling like the bad b**ch that I usually am."

The 34-year-old acknowledged that she felt "very grateful and blessed" to be invited to the ceremony and insisted that she wants to attend because she is nominated for Best Collaboration for I'm Good (Blue) with David Guetta. She then asked her followers for their "motivational tips and tricks" to help her feel confident enough to go to the show.

"I don't know if I'm going to go tomorrow. I do have an outfit. It is cute. And I do want to wear my dress, and I do really want to go to celebrate my nomination and my friends' nominations, but I do feel like anxiety gets the best of me," Bebe added. "Maybe you'll see me on the red carpet tomorrow."

Bebe has been shamed online for the past few months due to her weight gain.

The 2023 MTV VMAs will take place at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey on Tuesday evening.

Photo: Cover Media
Source: Cover Media
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