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December, 7

Adele felt 'really nervous' performing in front of Lady Gaga during Las Vegas residency

Adele felt "really, really nervous" knowing that Lady Gaga was in the audience during one of her Las Vegas shows.

The British singer doesn't like to be told in advance if a celebrity will be in the audience at her Weekends with Adele residency - however, she knew the Poker Face hitmaker would be in attendance and felt anxious for the entire show.

"There's been one (celebrity) there that I s**t myself the whole show," she told The Hollywood Reporter. "Gaga. And I've spent a bit of time with her, but I rate her so hard. I was like, 'The show's terrible. It's rubbish. I'm singing terribly. I'm not funny. My dress is rubbish this week.' I was judging myself. And she's not like that. But she made me really, really nervous."

She added, "I don't get told who's coming. I only knew Gaga was coming. She came in disguise. Well, not in disguise, she just wasn't dressed up."

Celebrities including Shania Twain, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez have all attended the residency. In October, Adele was overcome with emotion when she spotted the doctor who delivered her 11-year-old son Angelo in the audience.

"It was the most surreal experience of my life," she recalled. "It was so emotional. I had no idea he was there. His daughter was next to him, and she had a sign.

"So as I was walking around past the booths, I saw this girl, and I just looked at the sign, and nodded. And then I saw the name of who was her dad. And then I looked next to her and he was there. Oh, yeah, I cried for a week after this."

Adele revealed to the publication that she got the doctor's number the following day and texted him.

The 35-year-old is currently on a break from her residency. The final leg will run from January to June 2024.

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Source: Cover Media
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