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June, 1

Normani reveals titles she considered for debut album

Normani has revealed what other titles she considered before she named her debut album Dopamine.

The Motivation singer declared on social media in 2018 that she had the title for her debut album, but she didn't announce it until February this year, when she told fans her record would be called Dopamine.

In the six years she has been working on her long-awaited solo record, the former Fifth Harmony star considered other options before settling upon Dopamine.

"That (2018 title) didn't see the light of day," she joked to ELLE. "At one point, it was 1906, because that was the address of my grandmother's house that I was raised in. Then it evolved and turned into Butterfly Effect. That was a whole thing, but it didn't stand the test of time."

The 27-year-old revealed that she and her creative director Kwasi Fordjour picked Dopamine as the title because it "represents the highs and the lows I've endured".

"It's been such an emotional roller coaster," Normani explained. "I really wanted to have a title that felt like it definitely encompassed everything that I feel I've been through in my journey to get to the point that I'm in right now."

Fans have been asking the singer when she will be releasing her album ever since her 2018 social media post, but Normani insisted that the album took so long because she didn't want to put out music she didn't "wholeheartedly believe in".

"I think that there's a false narrative that because of how long this process has taken, that means I don't care, or that means I'm more interested in doing other things than putting this body of work out," she stated. "Nobody wants this project to come out more than me. I think that at the end of the day, if I stand behind this wholeheartedly, it doesn't matter what the world thinks."

Dopamine will be released on 14 June.

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Source: Cover Media
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