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March, 14

Bob Marley film at music festival

Director Kevin Macdonald wasn't worried about working with Bob Marley's family on his documentary about the reggae legend.

Marley, which will be released on April 20 and has been executive produced by the singer's son Ziggy, tells the life story of the musician through friends and family.

The film is a long in-the-works project authorised by the Marley family that originally had Martin Scorsese signed up to direct.

The Touching The Void and The Last King of Scotland filmmaker said he hopes that Marley is the definitive documentary of the musician, and that it being "authorised" doesn't detract from its clarity.

"You can't worry about that if you're trying to be impartial, if you're trying to be honest," he said of collaborating with the Marleys. "In a way we worked together and in another way we didn't.

"Because I was in London and (Marley's oldest son Ziggy) lives in LA and some of the other family is in Florida and places, we didn't actually see that much of each other while making the film."

Ziggy added: "For all these years, I've seen so many things on Bob and I always felt like: 'Who are these people talking about Bob and writing about Bob?'"

The film is being shown at the South By Southwest music festival in Texas.

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