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October, 16

Rihanna speaks about Chris Brown

Rihanna speaks about Chris Brown

Rihanna has spoken out about her friendship with Chris Brown, saying "the world hasn't let go."

The 24-year-old singer has raised eyebrows over her apparent decision to rekindle her friendship with her ex-boyfriend following his violent assault on her in 2009. She has now opened up to Vogue as she posed for a smouldering cover shoot.

Rihanna told the magazine: "To the world, I feel like there's no closure. There's some obsession that's continued even throughout when we weren't friends or couldn't be friends at all. Hated each other. The world hasn't let go. They haven't seen any progress in our friendship, because they don't see anything.

"So now it's a bit of a fascination, I guess.

"But they're not on the inside. They can't see what I see, unless they're sitting in my point of view. I guess I'll learn to accept that."

Rihanna and Brown recorded a duet, Birthday Cake, together earlier this year, which she says was her idea.

Rihanna added: "I didn't think it could be anything detrimental to my career. I thought, we haven't made a song in so long together... it could be a little shocking."

Meanwhile, the singer is single and longing to be taken out.

"I have not been on a date in forever. Like two years. Haven't gone to the movies, to dinner. Zero. I would love to go on a date. I'm a woman. A young woman, vibrant, and I love to have fun.

"All I want is a guy to take me out and make me laugh for a good hour and take my a** back home. He doesn't even have to come up. All I want is a conversation for an hour."

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