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October, 26

Katy Perry does power dressing

Katy Perry does power dressing

Katy Perry made it very clear who gets her vote as she performed at a rally concert for US President Barack Obama.

The Firework singer wore her heart on her sleeve with a latex dress designed to look like a ballot paper, with the box filled next to Obama's name filled in to represent her vote, while his opposition Mitt Romney's box was left empty.

Katy wore the dress to sing at the America Forward Grassroots rally in Las Vegas, encouraging Americans to "vote early", ahead of the upcoming presidential elections in November.

The 28-year-old singer told the crowd: "Let's do this tomorrow. You know I got my poll outfit sorted okay, 'cause when I go to the polls in California it's gonna be on points. It's gonna be red white and blue, for you know who. So you better do it, or I'm going to come and get ya!"

Katy added: "Honestly, it's such an honour to be here on this stage, I'm so excited to be here on this stage and to hear him speak."

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