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May, 22

Arctic Monkeys used to large gigs

Arctic Monkeys used to large gigs

Arctic Monkeys have said playing large shows has become "second nature" for the band now.

The band have played huge gigs at Madison Square Garden and Glastonbury but frontman Alex Turner told NME that none of them had become jaded.

"Playing large shows has, to some degree, become second nature. We've been around the block a few times now," he said.

"I saw the Stones at Glastonbury and they've been doing it since they were younger than I am now, and it still seemed like it meant a lot to them."

And he said of preparing to play two large London gigs: "Honestly, the reason we're most excited about it is that we don't get to play the UK as much as we used to, just because of the way it is now. Any chance to come home - or as close to home as London - is exciting for us."

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