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May, 22

Jack White approached by Kanye

Jack White approached by Kanye

Jack White has said Kanye West asked him to guest on the hip hop star's album Yeezus.

The former White Stripes frontman told Rolling Stone that the rapper approached him about the possible collaboration but it didn't happen because he didn't hear anything more.

The musician hinted that he'd have loved to working with Kanye, saying of the rapper's arena tour last year: "That might have been the greatest show I've seen in my life. It was more punk, more in-your-face than anything I've seen."

Jack also confirmed that he had worked on tracks with Jay Z which were never released but admitted: "I'm not sure he liked them."

The musician, who is releasing his second solo album, Lazaretto, also spoke of his critical nature, comparing himself to a very famous TV moaner.

"I'm very much like Larry David in my everyday," he said. "Complaining about, you know, why they make shoelaces so much longer than they need to be."

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