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September, 17

Tom accidentally dyes hair purple

Tom accidentally dyes hair purple

Tom Fletcher has admitted he made a mistake with the hair dye - and now has purple locks.

The McBusted star, who has previously sported brown and platinum blond dos, posted a selfie on Instagram which shows his hair is now a shade of lilac.

But Tom, 29, showed he could see the funny side, raising one eyebrow in the picture as he shows off his new pastel-coloured look.

He wrote: "I may have accidentally dyed my hair purple. Oooops."

The star doesn't seem to worry about sharing personal details with his fans - a few days ago he took to Twitter to tell his followers that his toenails needed a trim.

"Just back from a day of studioing and my toenails are too long. You're welcome. Goodnight," said the singer.

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