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September, 20

Azalea only wears underwear once

Azalea only wears underwear once

Iggy Azalea has confessed that she only wears her underwear once.

The Fancy singer is apparently living such a lavish lifestyle that her lingerie gets thrown out after just one wear.

The pop star opened up as she and Rita Ora - who she has teamed up with for the song Black Widow - talked to Rickie, Melvin And Charlie on the Kiss FM Breakfast Show.

Iggy said: "Every show I get a new pair of underwear. I put it on and then I throw it out after and that's the end."

And it seems Rita does the same as she said: "We don't see the same underwear twice."

Aussie star Iggy also spilled some details about her plush new home.

"It has a basketball court and it has a swimming pool," she said. "It has a cinema. My boyfriend (Nick Young) plays basketball for The Lakers so he's teaching me, but I'm very hopeless."

However, both Rita, 23, and Iggy, 24, admitted they like to take some time out of their VIP lives.

"There's nothing better than just putting on a pair of sneaks and some tracksuit bottoms," said British star Rita.

Iggy added: "I like to pretend like I'm working out and just walk around in my joggers, I spend my whole day like that.

"I have plenty of photo evidence online of me looking like a little boy. Sometimes I don't care and I just take pictures without my make-up on, like at the airport and stuff, and other times I do care."

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