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July, 28

Disclosure unveil Sam Smith single

Disclosure have premiered their collaboration with Sam Smith.

The electronic music duo have unveiled 'Omen', the latest single to be taken from their upcoming second studio album 'Caracal', which Sam said he is "proud" to be a part of.

Speaking on BBC Radio 1 he said: "I'm so proud of [this song] and I'm so proud to be on the record. It's such an incredible record, but for me, just to be able to make music with my friends and release it in this organic, beautiful way is just amazing."

Sharing a picture on Instagram, Sam added: "Can't contain my excitement I hope you all love it (sic)."

The pair - brothers Howard and Guy - have already shared 'Holding On' and 'Moving Mountains' from their forthcoming LP, which will be released on September 25, and gushed about collaborating with Sam again after the success of their first track together, 'Latch'.

Speaking about getting back into the studio with the Grammy Award winner, Howard said: "It was really exciting, 'cause we hadn't seen him in so long.

"We had three whole days to hang out with Sam and write, which are two of my favourite things to do."

And Disclosure have teased fans may be taken by surprise with their new record because it shows they've "got a lot more to give".

Guy told the Los Angeles Times newspaper: "I want people to hear this record and think, 'Wow, they can do more than just a jacking house beat.' We've got a lot more to give."

Howard added: "I think people will be surprised by this record."

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