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December, 23

Kylie Minogue's Christmas Coldplay wish

Kylie Minogue's Christmas Coldplay wish

Kylie Minogue’s Christmas wish is to get on stage with Coldplay in 2016.

The petite Aussie singer has been the darling of music since she made her singing debut in the ‘80s, and with her new Christmas album she proves she’s not ready to hand over her pop crown just yet.

The record, Kylie Christmas, features plenty of festive cheer, as well as special performances by Iggy Pop and James Corden. Coldplay’s Chris Martin also got involved, penning track Every Day’s Like Christmas.

“You have to pinch yourself if you get up on stage with Coldplay, so yes, if the opportunity arrives, count me in,” Kylie confessed to Britain’s Daily Star newspaper. “I did sing with them in Australia in 2014 which was super, super fun.”

Chris and Kylie are long-time friends, with rumours of a romance even circulating earlier in 2015. While nothing ever came of the gossip, Kylie does treasure her friendship with the British singer. Recalling a very personal moment between them, the 47-year-old says it meant the world to her when Coldplay covered one of her songs during her cancer treatment.

“I’ll never forget not being able to do the 2005 Glastonbury Festival (due to cancer diagnosis),” she explained. “When I was home in Australia I saw Coldplay playing and dedicating a cover of Can’t Get You Out Of My Head to me, and then Fix You. I can’t tell you how much I would have loved to be there.”

And she’s keen to let Glastonbury organiser Michael Eavis know she’s definitely up for a set at the famous festival. “One day, it would be sensational to have another female headline,” she smiled.

Kylie also sings with sister Dannii on her new album, with the siblings belting out track 100 Degrees. “It had been a while since we did something like that,” Kylie said. “We both had a lot of fun together.”

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