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November, 28

I’m a Celeb star Russell Watson moves camp to tears with opera performance

I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! 's Russell Watson moved his fellow campmates to tears on Friday's show

Victoria Derbyshire asked Russell if he ever felt like not bothering to warm up his voice before he performed.

"I often think I just can't be asked with Nessun Dorma" he replied. 

"It's very hard, I'll do a little bit of it if you like?" he offered, before singing the Puccini aria.

Overjoyed, Victoria said: "When Russell sings to us, we are absolutely mesmerised. 

"We're so lucky to be in this environment."

The campmates applauded Russell as he belted out the final note of the song.

Victoria kissed him as she exclaimed: "Russell I'm crying, that is just so gorgeous."

Hollie Arnold gushed: "One moment we're sitting there engrossed in Russell singing, and just, you know, a little bit teary some of the girls.

"Oh it was just amazing - And then the next minute we're all singing!"

Russell gave the campmates a singing lesson, first getting them to do vocal exercises singing "zee zee zee" and then "zo zo zo" and then a "tongue trill". 

"I'm not a singer, I'm a runner.  I just have to stay in my lane" joked Mo Farah.

Jordan North remarked: "I mean honestly, I'm going to be on Broadway this time next year. 

"Maybe not Broadway, maybe Panto, I'll take Panto," he added.

"Well I'm ready to go on a west end stage now" said Victoria.

Vernon, whose vocals are not his strong spot, said: "There's some scales where you think I’m ever going to get there, not in a million years, but we managed.

"I think Russell was quietly impressed. I'll be honest with you," he joked.

They all sat around the camp fire and sang White Christmas, led by Russell.

"I've got to be honest," said Russell.

"I loved White Christmas tonight, I thought the noise was much better than I was expecting. 

"I was pleasantly surprised, they weren't half bad."

* I'm a Celebrity returns tomorrow night at 9pm on ITV

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