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December, 29

Olly Murs opens up on the fate of his music career following his knee injury

Last year, Olly Murs took a break from the spotlight while he recovered from serious knee surgery.

Three months after the operation, The Voice UK coach was later rushed to hospital as a precautionary measure to make sure that his knee wasn't infected, something that the singer opened up about earlier this year during a chat on Instagram Live.

Now, in a recent interview with The Sun, Murs has reflected on his knee injury once again, saying that he has to be extremely careful as he waits to see if he'll need a knee replacement as any further injury may mean he's unable to perform on stage in the same way again.

"It's the arthritis and reconstruction I had in my knee. It's never going to be ­perfect, I've just got to be careful," he said.

"If I did my knee again it could be curtains. I won't be able to dance and perform on stage. My bread and butter is my music, performing and touring. Being able to dance and perform on stage is what I do, it's what I get paid to do, it's what I love to do.

"If that was taken away from me because I went out and played football and twisted my knee again..."

Murs continued to add that his career is something that he takes very seriously and he said that he wouldn't want to compromise that by doing anything that could injure his knee further.

"I might need a knee replacement so I'm very conscious to make sure my knee is fit and healthy," he shared.

"It's always going to be in the back of my mind that if I end up doing my knee again, I might not be able to come back and do my singing."

Murs will return to The Voice UK in the new year alongside fellow coaches, Sir Tom Jones and new judge Anne-Marie.

Emma Willis will once again be returning to host the show.

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