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February, 4

Masked Singer's Badger 'is Jamiroquai's Jay Kay' after biggest clues yet

Masked Singer's Badger 'is Jamiroquai's Jay Kay' after biggest clues yet

The Masked Singer UK viewers may have finally cracked the case in terms of who Badger is on the ITV series, after weeks of guessing.

It's been the question on everyone's lips over the past few weeks, with him being the hardest to solve.

Names including James Blunt, Ne-Yo and Jamiroquai's Jay Kay have been thrown into the mix.

Now, some fans think they have finally cracked the case, despite many clues majorly hinting it is US singer Ne-Yo.

After the latest batch of hints, judge Rita Ora was backed by many viewers in believing it was Jay Kay after all.

Initial clues were references to not being recognised in public, and hints about hats.

Jay Kay is not only famous for his huge headwear, but it also may have been referring to the fact his identity might be "hidden" by the hats - or even the fact people often call him Jamiroquai.

On closer inspection, Badger recently mentioned being "on cloud nine" - and the band have a track called Cloud 9.

Another clue was that he was good at avoiding furniture, something the singer does in the music video for the track Virtual Insanity.

Perhaps the oil that was shown in the clip and the tin can could be a reference to heat, linking to the band's famous track Canned Heat.

A final hint might have been similarly linking to the same track, with Badger mentioning dancing.

The vocals on Badger have also been likened to the star, but does all of the above confirm the truth?

We won't know of course until Badger is unmasked either this weekend of next weekend, but fans think they have it solved.

Taking to Twitter, many suggested it could be Jay Kay after all - hoping the next batch of clues would confirm their theories.

One viewer wrote: "Might be a red herring, but Badger mentioned 'Cloud 9' in the VT Jamiroquai had a song called Cloud 9."

Another said: "All the clues lead to jay kay so at the moment i think that’s who i’m saying for badger."

A third added: " #maskedsingeruk thinking badger is Jay kay from jamiroquai."

The Masked Singer UK airs Saturdays at 7pm on ITV.

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