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March, 15

BTS Army furious as K-Pop group loses Grammy to Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande

BTS Army furious as K-Pop group loses Grammy to Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande

BTS Fans, a.k.a. the BTS Army, was disappointed with Sunday's Grammy Awards after "Dynamite" lost to "Rain On Me" under the "Best Pop Duo/Performance."

The award went to Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande and suffice to say, fans of the South Korean pop group were not happy. They expressed their dismay and frustration on Twitter with some commenting on how the Grammys only used BTS for promotions and did not choose the winner objectively.

The BTS Army also started trending #BTSOurGreatestPrizeFans and #scammys as they feel that the Grammy Awards scammed the K-Pop group.

"The selection isn't even holistic, like the committee doesn't even consider what 'Dynamite' means in terms of BTS's career vs rain on me for Gaga's like that right there should've been your answer," one fan tweeted.

"If you compare songs with no context then what's the point? if you remove the people who create them, the stories that shape them in hopes of a pseudo-objective selection, then what's the point? artistry doesn't exist in a vacuum," the fan added.

"What I'm most upset about is that they lost in a PERFORMANCE category...think what you want about the song but no one could outperform BTS," another follower argued.

"Being able to perform at the Grammys is amazing but this toxic positivity has to go. They were snubbed we have the right to be mad," another wrote.

"They really went overboard taking advantage of BTS just get attention and benefit themselves!! And to add insult to injury, they nominate them only for them to lose!! I am officially done with the Grammys!!," one exasperated fan chimed in.

Meanwhile, there were also those who showered the boys with love after they lost on their first Grammy Awards. They shared their support with the hashtag #LightItUpBTS.

"Dynamite" is the first-ever full English track from BTS from their fifth album "Be," which was released on Nov. 20, 2020. It topped the US Billboard charts for three successive weeks and stayed on the Top 10 in the following weeks. It would have been a historic first Grammy Award for the K-Pop superstars had they won Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.

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