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November, 30

SZA was frustrated when label gave Rihanna her song Consideration

SZA was frustrated when her label gave Rihanna her song Consideration after she shot the music video for it.

The Kill Bill hitmaker revealed in a video segment for Variety that she was planning to make Consideration the "centerpiece" of her debut album but it ultimately became the opening track on Rihanna's 2016 record ANTI.

"I cared so much, and I was so like... just frustrated," SZA, 34, admitted. "I felt like, 'I'll never have anything this cool again.' And that was so crazy and so wrong 'cause it was like the centrepiece to my album at the time, and for her, it was just like part of her album, and I was like, 'Please no.'"

She continued, "I had just shot a video for it, and I was about to drop it like in a couple of days. It was already done. Whatever conversation label-wise was already done. It was just a matter of accepting and in hindsight, it was so hard to let go and accept."

While the decision bothered her as an up-and-coming artist at the time, SZA is grateful for it when she looks back.

"I'm so glad that that happened and that it didn't cost me anything. If anything, I just gained a bunch from it. And I thank god that I made cool music outside of that," the singer explained.

"Again, I don't know why I just really thought my creativity would just stop and like this was like the pinnacle of what I could make, and she has it, and I'll just never be anything."

SZA, real name Solána Rowe, is credited as a featured artist and co-writer on the track. She released her debut album, Ctrl, in 2017.

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