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Ferguson not happy with first album

Ferguson not happy with first album

Rebecca Ferguson has revealed she was not completely happy with her first album, and admitted fame changed her at first.

The former X Factor contestant told Digital Spy that she was much happier with her second album, Freedom, because she'd felt parts of first release Heaven were not right.

She said: "I had a lot more fun this time because before I wasn't used to fame. It was scary at first. I handled it as anyone would - I tried my best, but I can't say I was 100 per cent happy with it.

"That said, I was so thrilled and grateful at how well the album did, but now I feel like I'm really enjoying myself. Before I was worried that I always had to be perfect, when I'm really not in the slightest!"

Rebecca also said her advice to this year's crop of X Factor contestants would be to make sure they were nice to people, something she admitted she didn't always do at first.

She said: "The biggest mistake you can make is not staying grounded. You're elevated so high so quickly, but the key to their success will be being nice in interviews, kind to the people who look after them.

"It's so hard in the first year after the show. I'll be honest, there are times where I could be a real b****. I'd gone from being a mum to all of a sudden having people fussing and overly pampering me. It can easily change you. The key is being nice. Now I have a great team and we're all happy."

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