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April, 29

Beyonce: Too much pressure on women

Beyonce: Too much pressure on women

Beyonce has talked about the pressure on women to look good as she unveiled her new single, Pretty Hurts.

The music video, directed by Melina Matsoukas, features the Drunk In Love singer getting dolled up to take part in a beauty pageant and shows the lengths some females would go to in order to conform and please society.

In one scene, where she poses with dotted lines on her face as if she's being prepped for surgery, the married mother-of-one said: "I'm pretending to get a face-lift and Botox. It represents all of the things that women go through to keep up with the pressure that society puts on us."

During a clip of herself being spray tanned, Beyonce added: "Some of the things that young women go through, it's just really heartbreaking for me."

The 32-year-old singer said Melina was the perfect director for the video.

"I knew I wanted to do Pretty Hurts with Melina. I knew she would understand the message of the song," she revealed. "That song represents finding that one thing in the world that makes you truly happy."

Melina explained: " The concept of the video is really a behind the scenes look into society's take on beauty and how it doesn't bring you happiness and it doesn't move you forward in life. It's really finding yourself that brings you happiness."

A photo of Beyonce as a child, standing in front of a fireplace surrounded by trophies, was the inspiration for the video.

Beyonce asked: "When you get this trophy and you're looking at it. Is it worth it?"

Melina added: "I wanted to have her break them and show that it doesn't really advance you to get these awards that are just based on outer beauty. It's really about inner beauty and substance."

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