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December, 17

No Longleat move for Glastonbury

No Longleat move for Glastonbury

Glastonbury will not be moving to Longleat.

80-year-old festival founder Michael Eavis has always staged the iconic festival at his own Worthy Farm in Pilton, Somerset, South West England, but has been looking for a new home for the event and has been holding "very early" talks to move the musical extravaganza a short distance away to the 9,000 acre stately home estate in Wiltshire by 2019.

However, the owners of Longleat, Viscount and Viscountess Weymouth, have turned Eavis down as they are worried there would be 'too much mud' to clean up, the Daily Mail reports.

Michael previously stressed any move would only be for one year.

He added: "That's its home, that is probably the best place for it, Pilton is.

"Worthy Farm is very warm, it's full of atmosphere and character and history as well.

"But I really do need an alternative site, no doubt about it."

And he admitted he was worried that the future of the festival is "unsafe" while they have no confirmed site.

He said: "It really worries me it keeps me awake at night worrying that we won't have anywhere else to go for the event because it's so successful and so huge and people love it so much. It's a bit unsafe at the moment."

Michael recently spoke of his preference for Longleat as an alternative music venue for the festival.

He said: "It's the best site in the whole of England. I can see why they've built that house there and the hills and there is no industrial stuff around it. It's all trees and forests and rolling hills. It's the most beautiful site in England. There is loads of space and more room out there. We've still got a long way to go to make that happen."

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