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May, 27

Kevin Clark: School of Rock drummer dies aged 32 in bike accident

Kevin Clark: School of Rock drummer dies aged 32 in bike accident

School of Rock drummer Kevin Clark has died at the age of 32.

Mr Clark, who played spiky-haired drummer Freddy Jones in the hit film at the age of 12, was killed in a motorbike accident in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

The drummer starred in the 2004 film when he was 12, where he was coached to perform in a secret rock band alongside Jack Black and a group of young musical prodigy classmates.

He learned to play the drums at the age of 3 by “hitting pots and pans in the basement,” and played piano and the violin, his mother told the Chicago-Sun Times.

The musician was struck and killed at a notoriously dangerous intersection on the Northwest Side of Chicago. He had worked as a musician for the next 20 years, starting a new band who performed their first gig the weekend before the accident.

“He told his bandmates just the day before he died: ‘You know, this is finally the life I want to live. And we’re going to make it. You’re my musical family – my family – and we’re all going to make it’,” his mother Allison Clark told the Chicago Sun-Times.

Jack Black, who played fake substitute teacher Dewey Finn in the hit film, said he was “heartbroken” to learn of Mr Clark’s death.

Sharing a picture of the pair from more recent times and on Instagram, he wrote: “Devastating news. Kevin is gone. Way too soon. Beautiful soul. So many great memories. Heartbroken. Sending love to his family and the whole School of Rock community.”

Miranda Cosgrove who starred as the band’s manager in the film wrote on Instagram that she was “stunned and saddened” by the news.

“The world lost an amazing soul,” Cosgrove wrote. “I’ll always remember your spirit and how kind you were to me. I’ll never forget all the memories. You’ll always be missed Kevin.”

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