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July, 26

Mark Ronson says he didn’t love ‘the way he behaved’ around Amy Winehouse

Mark Ronson has expressed regrets about his treatment of Amy Winehouse while she experienced addiction.

Ronson was one of Winehouse’s most prolific collaborators, having produced her seminal final album Back to Black in 2006. But while they experienced enormous success together, their relationship grew fraught as Winehouse accused Ronson of taking credit for her success.

“Obviously, we had our ups and downs and it was troubling,” Ronson told The Guardian. “I don’t know if I fully loved the way that I behaved around her.”

Ronson added that he regretted how he treated Winehouse during her addiction to drugs and alcohol.

“When she was going through addiction, I wish I’d been a little bit more upfront or confrontational about it,” he explained. “But I just was like, ‘Ah, she’ll sort it out – she did it already once.’”

Winehouse entered a rehabilitation clinic in 2008 to tackle her use of drugs and alcohol, and said in 2010 that she had fully quit illegal substances in the aftermath. However, Winehouse continued to struggle with alcohol abuse, and died from accidental alcohol poisoning in 2011.

A number of documentary tributes and books have been released about Winehouse this summer, marking 10 years since her death.

Documentary Reclaiming Amy was broadcast on the BBC last week (23 July), and saw friends, family and loved ones sharing memories of the late icon, alongside previously unseen material provided by Winehouse’s family.

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