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December, 3

Kanye's Florida sound stage rage

Kanye's Florida sound stage rage

Kanye West has reportedly stormed off stage from one of his concerts in Florida in a rant at his technical crew.

The Bound 2 rapper was in Tampa on his Yeezus tour, when just a few seconds into his third song he got upset, according to the Daily Mail.

He apparently demanded that the music be shut off and started to berate a member of the technical crew called Laura for not giving him a "deep voice" effect through the sound system, in front of 7,000 fans.

Kanye also complained that his image on the huge LED screen behind him was in colour when it should have been in monochrome, but after a short delay he returned to the stage and continued with the concert.

Later in the evening, he also compared himself to Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison and Nelson Mandela, saying that they had had to put up with haters, too.

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