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March, 14

Kane: I do things differently

Kane: I do things differently

Miles Kane has said he has developed a different way of performing if he's not got a sell-out show.

The singer-songwriter from Merseyside, who released his second album Don't Forget Who You Are, last year, is set to embark on a tour.

He is supporting Arctic Monkeys at their big outdoor shows this year and touring the UK and Ireland this month.

Miles admitted that there were a couple of gigs on the recent European tour that "weren't as busy".

He said: "A lot of the shows were sold out, but there were one or two that weren't busy for whatever reason.

"I used to get upset about it, but now I buzz off it. I try to embrace it and control the show differently.

"I don't want to go on stage and behave the same way as if it was a packed show, it looks like you're forcing it and if I was in the crowd watching, I'd cringe.

"When everyone's going mad in the crowd, I go mad too, but if they're reserved, that changes me too. There's no point shouting 'Hands in the air everybody' to 20 people standing at the bar."

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