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March, 7

Lott's legal fight to release song

Lott's legal fight to release song

Pixie Lott has revealed she had a tough legal fight on her hands to be able to release upcoming song Nasty.

The track had originally been performed by Christina Aguilera for the 2010 film Burlesque and was recorded by a few other people who were never able to release it because it contains so many samples from other artists.

She told Digital Spy: "I just thought it was amazing because it would be the perfect bridging song between this album and my last album.

"The reason why it wasn't released previously is because the whole song is full of tonnes of samples - there's like a James Brown sample, a Jimmy Bo Horne sample, and it's impossible for people to clear.

"So when I was like, 'I really want to sing this song,' the label were like, 'You can't because it couldn't even be released because all of these samples, you couldn't even get the copyright cleared'."

Pixie continued: "I was just determined to get it... We were just fighting back and forth, the legal team trying to get it cleared.

"I went over to Miami and recorded it. Even then I wasn't sure if I could get the song, even after flying all the way out there. But we just fought really hard and made it happen and then got it all replayed and it all worked out."

Nasty is released on March 9.

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