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May, 29

Bellowhead making music with junk

A British folk band signed to a seven-figure recording contract are to release an album backed by a paltry £10 worth of musical instruments.

Folk circuit favourites Bellowhead rescued bits of junk from around the globe to cobble together a percussion session worthy of the new album.

It includes a paint tin from Morocco as a bass drum, a cake tin from Texas as a snare, and an alarm bell and a cutlery drainer used as a hi-hat. Percussionist Pete Flood also uses old knives and forks for drum sticks.

Some of the unorthodox instruments were trialled during a Bellowhead gig at the Royal Albert Hall in April, including pots and pans as well as unwanted kitchen equipment. An instructional film showing how to make a drum kit from junk is available on the band's website at

Bellowhead will release Revival, the band's fifth studio album, on June 23 and kick off a nationwide tour later in the year.

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