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April, 15

Nick Jonas doesn't let criticism get him down

Nick Jonas doesn't let criticism get him down

Nick Jonas doesn’t mind criticism, as long as it’s an educated comment.

The former Jonas Brothers singer branched out on his own when the sibling band, starring Nick and his older brothers Kevin and Joe, called it quits in 2013. He’s had a string of hits since, including Chains and Jealous, and isn't bothered that not everyone likes his music. However, he doesn’t take kindly to unfounded criticism.

“I don’t mind criticism,” he shrugged to America’s OK! magazine. “As long as it’s based in what the work is, it’s fair. I am very critical of myself, and I like people who have an opinion. I am one of those people. But when (criticism) is uneducated, I get frustrated. When I started on my own, there was a lot of bias that I didn’t like.”

He calls the Jonas Brothers split “the best thing” that could have ever happened to the siblings, and says their brotherly relationship is now better than ever.

As well as solo success, Nick has also moved into the acting world. After a starring role in TV show Kingdom, the 23-year-old can next be seen in movie Goat, which tells the story of brutal fraternity-hazing rituals. Hazing is defined as activities involving harassment, abuse or humiliation used as a way of initiating a person, and the project was a dark one for Nick.

“Acting has become a major priority for me,” he admitted. “(Goat is about) this idea of brotherhood and masculinity. The desire to feel accepted by these young men — and the lengths they’re willing to go to.”

Goat is released in the U.S. on 10 June.

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