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July, 3

Tom Hiddleston tells Taylor to 'turn a blind eye to haters'

Tom Hiddleston tells Taylor to 'turn a blind eye to haters'

Tom Hiddleston has reportedly been advising girlfriend Taylor Swift to "ignore the haters" as their new romance takes off.

The singer’s relationship with Calvin Harris came to an end just a month ago, when the DJ confirmed their split on Twitter. However, just a few weeks later Taylor stepped out with British actor Tom and the pair has been inseparable ever since - even spending time with each other's families.

Many people have criticised Taylor, 26, for moving on from Calvin so quickly, but Tom, 35, is said to be full of wise words to help his love interest stay strong.

"He's been pushing her to just ignore all the haters and hit the town with him," an insider told Britain's Reveal magazine. "Tom's been incredibly supportive. When this backlash started, she was worried he'd cut and run, but it's been the opposite."

Tom is the latest in a string of famous men Taylor has dated, with her former suitors including Jake Gyllenhaal and Harry Styles. But there's something about the Thor star which stood out to Shake it Off star Taylor, as the source points out his good humour is something that won her over.

"He's done wonders to cheer Taylor up, when this is exactly the sort of thing that would normally really upset her," the insider added. "He even made a joke about how they're moving too fast, and he mock-proposed to her with one of those plastic kiddie rings you get from a bubblegum machine. She thought it was hilarious."

It isn't just negativity from the public which Taylor is thought to need distracting from at the moment - Kanye West recently unveiled the music video to his new single, Famous, which features a waxwork figure of Taylor naked in a bed with the rapper, his wife Kim Kardashian and other big names like Vogue editor Anna Wintour.

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