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August, 25

Lady Leshurr won't rap about violence

Lady Leshurr doesn't feel the need to rap about violence despite being influenced by Eminem.

The 27-year-old grime star doesn't use explicit words in her lyrics despite her biggest inspiration being the "foul-mouthed" rap legend because of her upbringing.

Asked why she doesn't use violent language, she said: "I don't feel the need to swear. I grew up on one of the most foul-mouthed rappers in the world, but it's all about mentality and upbringing. My mum brought me up really good, and I knew my rights from my wrongs."

The 'Wonky' hitmaker says she hopes she is seen as a "role model" for young children and she is delighted that she's had parents say their kids listen to her songs.

Speaking in the latest issue of NME magazine - which is out on Friday (26.08.16) - she said: "Parents say that their kids listen to me, and that makes me feel good. I set out to be a role model."

Meanwhile, the brunette beauty - who has teamed up with grime legend Wiley on her latest single 'Where Are You Now? - said she feels she doesn't fit in with the grime crowd.

.She said: "I don't have anybody. It's really sad, but I don't have a circle. I don't have any industry friends. I don't have anyone, literally."

Lady Leshurr - whose real name is Melesha O' Garro - previously said she got into music after listening to the 'Lose Yourself' rapper as he does what he wants.

She told BANG Showbiz: "Eminem, he's very controversial so I've learnt from the best. And sometimes you've just got to do what you want to do you know.

"Well Eminem is the reason why I do what I do today. And I just liked his character, the way he was really funny and humorous in his music videos, he didn't really care."

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