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August, 30

Deryck Whibley 'couldn't sing' after stint in hospital for alcohol addiction

Deryck Whibley found it "frightening" when he lost his singing voice while recovering from alcohol addiction.

The Sum 41 frontman - who has suffered with on-going alcohol abuse in the past - had to relearn the guitar and find his voice again after a stint in hospital, which saw his body "shut down" after he spent a week in intensive care for severe liver and kidney problems, and he feared he'd lost his voice for good.

The 36-year-old rocker exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "At first, when I picked up a guitar I thought it would just be like picking up a guitar.

"But it was like learning the guitar for the first time. The same with singing. I couldn't sing at all. I couldn't hold a note, it was really frightening.

"I thought I'd lost it all, which I guess I had. I just had to relearn it all again."

The 'War' hitmaker also admitted the hardest part of making the pop punk band's forthcoming LP - '13 Voices' - while he was still recovering, was finding "creativity" because he lost his confidence after being in hospital.

He explained: "It was hard to find creativity because there was so much fear and self-doubt when I came out of the hospital. I was still recovering at the same time. It was a long and hard recovering because I couldn't walk for the longest time. That was the hardest part.

"My entire body had been shut down so trying to rebuild everything from scratch was the hardest part. But also just trying to write at the same time that made it so difficult."

'13 Voices' is released on October 7.

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