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November, 25

Gavin Rossdale: 'Tom Jones is an institution'

Gavin Rossdale: 'Tom Jones is an institution'

Rocker Gavin Rossdale considers Sir Tom Jones more of an institution than royal residence Buckingham Palace.

The Bush frontman recently signed on as a coach for the U.K. version of The Voice, joining Tom, and Jennifer Hudson on the panel.

London-born Gavin has been enjoying working alongside his fellow musicians, and while he is hesitant to name his favourite colleague, he is full of admiration for Welsh crooner Tom.

"I love them, they're amazing," he told

"My favourite? I really, really enjoy them all. Obviously I'm loving meeting Sir Tom, we all grew up with him as an institution. He's more important than Buckingham Palace to me, so hanging out with him is great. Jennifer's great, will's great, I lucked out."

Tom rejoins the panel after previously being dropped from The Voice when it was aired on the BBC. The show has now moved to British TV network ITV.

Gavin, whose ex-wife Gwen Stefani is a regular coach on the U.S. version of the singing show, hopes to find a "big, proper, legitimate superstar" during his stint on the reality competition, but when it comes to fighting to secure the winning act, the 51-year-old admits he lacks competitiveness.

"Apparently it's meant to be more competitive than I am about it, so I'm going to step that up," he promised. "I don't really care about that so much, I just want to find those great singers and help them. It's really fun having these people with all these dreams come out there, and then when you pick them, they lose their minds, and they get these opportunities they never thought they'd have in their lives. It's brilliant to be a part of that."

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