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November, 16

Tony Bennett regrets he didn't help addict Amy Winehouse

Tony Bennett regrets he didn't help addict Amy Winehouse

Grammy Award-winning singer Tony Bennett regrets not talking to Amy Winehouse about her addiction before her untimely death.

In his book, Just Getting Started, the crooner opens up about the fun he had recording a duet with tragic Amy and his sadness upon hearing she had died of alcohol poisoning at the age of 27.

"Should I have told her that I’d contended a little bit with drugs and alcohol myself and knew how you can fall into a bad cycle, but I also knew that you could bring yourself back?" Bennett writes in the book, which was released on Tuesday (11Nov16). “Would it have made a difference if someone she considered an idol had said to her something like, 'You’re my idol. You are a once-in-a-lifetime talent. Please don’t take that from the world... Walk away from it all, if you like. Just live. Please'."

Bennett admits he had heard of Amy's problems with addiction, but he saw no signs of it in the studio as they were recording together.

"Amy was engaging, funny, charming, and utterly professional but a little bit shy," he adds. "She said she was nervous because she had never recorded a song with someone she considered to be one of her idols."

Bennett and Amy recorded the song Body and Soul at London's Abbey Road Studios in 2011. The song went on to win a Grammy Award the following year (12), but Amy died before it was released.

Sales from the track benefit the Amy Winehouse Foundation, an organisation that supports young people with drug and alcohol addictions.

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